Beats Pill 2.0 Bluetooth Speaker

Beats Pill Portable Speaker
Beats Pill Review
8.2 Overall
Very portable, stylish look, multiple colors
Average quality sound and bass for price
Sound Quality8
Volume (Power)8
Battery Life8
Value (Price)7
Portability (Size)9
Ease of Use9

Our take on the Beats Pill 2.0

If you are looking for a cool trendy piece of a tech, then Beats Pill 2.0 Bluetooth Speaker will fit the bill. It not only offers good sound through Bluetooth, but it looks stylish and is easy to travel with. Going at around $150, this gadget comes in different colors making it easy to choose the one that suits your personality. Although it’s not as compact as its predecessor, it weighs 1.5 pounds and has handles that makes it easy to carry. Unlike some other clunky Bluetooth speakers, it’s such a nice shape and size that you will admire it’s pill-like form. You will also like the play/pause button that looks like just a logo but actually has a useful function.

Beats Pill White Black and RedOn the speaker, there are controls for volume but unfortunately, nothing to use for skipping the track backward or forward. In order to do this, you will have to operate it from the Tablet or phone. As with most speakers it works well with all types of devices, running Android, Apple and Windows. It also has additional NFC feature to help you pair it with the phones that support it. It has an audio output and input to allow you to connect to additional speakers and devices if you’re dying to bring those wires back.

Design – With its nice design, sound and looks, the speaker leads you to your music within seconds. Pause, play, control and skip can be done with a simple touch of the button. You can pair the speaker with your laptop, phone or any device and play your favorite music without any hitch. More so, its enhanced voice performance can allow you to receive and make calls with a lot of clarity.

Battery life – Its battery can last up to 15 hours. If there is no signal detected, the speaker will turn off automatically to save on the power. For a quick 3 hour charge, you can use the power supply unit and the included power cable. With its fuel gauge, it’s easy to know how much power that is remaining in the battery.

Bigger sound – as compared to its size, Beats Pill 2.0 Bluetooth Speaker, will surprise you. Its active stereo system creates a sound system for clarity of all genres and for dynamic music range. Woofer and tweeter separation also uses acoustic mechanics that is popular in most studios found around the world.

Performance – For its size, the speaker produces a loud sound with clarity and nice bass. It’s overhyped but it has the kind of sound that is popular such as acoustic material, hip-hop and R & B. With the speaker going for about $150, it compares with other Bluetooth speakers selling in the range of $200. One unique thing about it is that its speaker does not distort even at higher volumes.

Final thoughts

Although Beats Pill 2.0 Bluetooth Speaker will not come in at the top compared to the other best speakers, it produces a lot of bass and plays loud for its size. Generally, the combination of its excellent redesign, features, set, and strong sound make it a reasonable speaker despite its semi-high price tag. If you are looking for a nice speaker, you will notice that this is a very likable speaker worth trying out.

From the Manufacturer

Beats Pill 2.0 bluetooth speaker brings the party with you, wherever you go. The Beats Pill is lightweight, portable, and completely wireless. Change tracks from your phone or take a call with the Beats Pill’s built-in microphone. New features include the ability to amplify or stereo your music and accessory charging. Small enough to fit in your hand, the Beats Pill surprises with its powerful, signature sound. Tap. Pair. Play. Pairing is easy. Just tap your phone to your Beats Pill and create an instant connection. Sync two Beats Pills by tapping them together to play the same song. You can also tap the Beats Pills together twice to stereo your music, making one Beats Pill the left output and the other the right. Small Size, Big Sound Despite its compact size, the Beats Pill produces powerful sound. It’s easy to enjoy soaring highs and deep, booming bass in every room of the house. Change Tracks From Your Phone Pair the Beats Pill to your phone, laptop or any other Bluetooth-enabled device to change tracks and adjust the volume from up to 30 feet away. Totally Portable The Beats Pill frees you to roam so you’ll always have premium sound, anywhere you go. It’s lightweight and small enough to fit in your bag. If your phone or external device is low on battery power, you can use the Beats Pill to give it some juice. Bluetooth Conferencing Take that call. The Beats Pill Bluetooth capability and internal microphone make talking on the phone easier and better sounding than ever before.