SONOS Play 1 Bluetooth Speaker

Sonos Play 1 Front
Sonos Play 1 Review
8.8 Overall
Top notch sound quality, Nice simple look, Pair with more speakers
Higher price point
Sound Quality9.5
Volume (Power)9.5
Battery Life9
Value (Price)8
Portability (Size)8.5
Ease of Use8.5

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Going for $199, SONOS PLAY 1 Bluetooth Speaker is one of the best wireless speakers that you can purchase. The new Play 1 is a beautiful speaker that feels like it should be costing more than its price. With this SONOS, you are assured of a full SONOS experience that will make your listening much more satisfying. More so, it has a long list of supporting devices that include Pandora, Rdio, Cloud player, Amazon, and spotify. Although its sound quality may not satisfy you at first, it’s good especially when its size is taken into consideration.

Sonos Play 1 FrontDesign – When it comes to design, this is a nice speaker that is also compact. Although this blends well with the décor, at times it might feel like just a touch. This speaker has a SONOS look with an additional stylish sizzle especially if you buy the black model. More so, it works well in the bedroom, kitchen, and living room and is also humidity resistant which makes it a good bathroom speaker as well. For its price, SONOS PLAY 1 Bluetooth Speaker works exceptionally well. The moment you pull it out of the box, you will notice its heft. Even though the cabinet is made of plastic this does not necessarily mean that it’s a cheap speaker. Dispute the weight it’s designed for the room.

Controls – When it comes to this, there is some slight change. The normal status light and volume rocker remain the same even though the mute button has been replaced with a play and pause. This is a very good change since you even have the option of going back to whatever you were listening to even if it has taken some more hours. The company is also currently upgrading its firmware so that it can change the functionality of the Mute to the play and pause button

Setup – If you have a SONOS, adding the Play 1 is not a very bad decision. Due to the setup, the speaker is very easy to control. Once you buy the speaker, you have two options: you can either connect to it to your Wi-Fi or plug it to the speakers back side. This means if you have 2 or 3 speakers, the Wi-Fi option is still the best option that you can use. If not you can simply buy a SONOS bridge at $50 that comes with a wired connection.

Streaming – When it comes to streaming, this speaker beats all its competitors. Some of its supported services include Pandora, Amazon, Stitcher, and MOG among others. Otherwise, just like other speakers, it’s not that perfect since there are other devices that it does support. These include iTunes, Google Music, and Xbox Music. Its app also gives you a lot of flexibility that allows you to stream the music from different rooms. If you need to listen to something else while a track is playing, you can simply press a tiny button located at the left right side corner of the speaker.

Sound quality – This is the only nagging experience that you will have with SONOS products. This is due to the quality of integrated speakers on Play3 or Play 5. Although they are good, as compared to other speakers, they produce a mellow sound that sometimes cannot excite you.

Above everything else, this is also one speaker that is worth trying it. Check it out and enjoy its amazing features.