Best Bluetooth Speaker of 2015 – UE MEGABOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

UE Megaboom Bluetooth Speaker

9.5 Overall
Rated Best of 2015
Great sound & power
Less portable
Sound Quality9.5
Volume (Power)9.5
Battery Life10
Value (Price)9.5
Portability (Size)9
Ease of Use9.5


UE MEGABOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is basically nothing more than a bigger version of Boom 2. This alone makes it the speaker to look for if you are looking for quality. If you research a little bit about it, you will realize that this big variation sounds fuller and louder than the smaller one. It even allows its battery to stretch for 20 hours. With these new features, it’s worth the $249 which is its retail price. As far as every other thing is concerned, it does not vary much. In fact, the key feature is its power especially if you want to hold parties.

Design- It’s pretty obvious that this gadget is much bigger than its smaller sister the Boom 2. In general, it’s one of the largest portable speakers that you can find out there. It measures 9 by 2 by 1 inches but still has its cylindrical charm and compact. As compared to many first products, UE did well with the design on Boom 2 so much that some of its features can still be seen in this product. For instance, you will find the power buttons in the middle and the familiar plus volume buttons located at the front. UE MEGABOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is also made of fabric stitching around its body that actually resembles the look of Boom 2. However, once you flip it over, you will notice that the port flap looks flatter than what you normally see on Boom 2.

Waterproof- For beginners, instead of being water resistant this wonderful speaker is waterproof. This means you can immerse it in water for minutes without getting destroyed. More so, the rubber gasket over the audio and USB ports has also been joined into one unit making them easy to open. This speaker has experienced some technical upgrades such that it has a longer range Bluetooth depending on the kind of gadget that you want to pair it with. The best thing about waterproofing is that it protects the inner parts when in water even for up to 30 minutes.

Performance- Just like the design, when it comes to performance this plus size speaker is more or less like the UE Boom. Although it has measurable battery performance and sound, it’s very much easy to use. This makes it much higher than its smaller version. It also has a powerful sound that is full of clearness. Providing the best room filing experience has always been the characteristics of UE Bluetooth speakers and this one is not an exception. If you like the heavy feature set of this speaker, then you will be pleased with it.

Although upgrading from the previous versions was not very important, most customers agree that if you need power then it’s the ideal speaker to buy. Also, it is minimalist in design, easy to use and has a greater sound and a better battery. However, one of its greatest downsides is that it has not changed much from the EU Boom which is much cheaper. In fact, the next generation requires a good app to make it better.