Guide To Buy Bluetooth Speakers

Everything you need to know from the what to the why in this guide to buy bluetooth speakers. Bluetooth speakers are the wave of the future for portable and home audio needs. We will break down what sets bluetooth speakers apart from the rest (archaic wired speakers, yuck) and the different categories they fall into.

Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Portable bluetooth speakers are the hot new trend because of the ability to effortlessly hook up your phone or other mobile devices to play music on the go, without having to wear those naggy headphones. Makers have done an amazing job packing in some great sound and long battery life into a perfect portable size that’ll fit right in your bag without weighing you down.

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Ultra-portable Bluetooth Speakers

All speakers now come in a wide range of sizes, so when you buy bluetooth speakers, this must be one of the first things to consider. Most of these are portable and small enough to fit in a bag. Some of these take it a step further and have really trimmed down on size, bringing in extremely small and lightweight speaker cases.

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Bluetooth Speakers Built for Toughness

If you enjoy outdoor sports and activities, you might want to buy bluetooth speakers that are built to compliment your lifestyle. Weather-resistant bluetooth speakers not only stand up to rain and snow, but they’re also designed to be shock-resistant and dust-resistant, so even dirt or sand can’t ruin the party. You would be surprised how practical this is and how often this can be a big benefit. Enough of the top bluetooth speakers now come in water resistant and protective cases that it almost doesn’t make sense to go with anything else. Unless you truly plan to keep it indoors, safe on a counter somewhere, this should be an important factor.

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Feature Packed Bluetooth Speakers

As you may have noticed, manufacturers have begun setting themselves apart by packing their speaker with loads of cool new techy features. One of these trend setters is Amazon themselves, breaking into the bluetooth speaker market. For me, these extra features don’t necessarily drive my final decision. They are certainly nice to have, so this may tip the scale between two good speakers. Some of the latest features are based around voice recognition. This gives you the ability to control everything from song choice to sound volume, all hands-free. With technology moving quickly, this may not be a major factor when you buy bluetooth speakers today. I have a feeling it will only become more and more important to consumers however.

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Home Theater Bluetooth Speakers

Wireless bluetooth speaker systems like the Klipsch Soundbar can can also be an attractive addition to the home theater. There are a wide variety of compact Bluetooth powered speaker systems designed for home use. Even though these aren’t portable, they come in very sleek and compact designs. No more are the days of having those old bulky box speakers to get the power you’re looking for at home. These soundbars, coupled with bluetooth subwoofers cut down on space and wires. Even over bluetooth, they still have amazing surround sound with a rumbling bass.

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Bluetooth Computer Speakers

Virtually all laptops have bluetooth capability. Now there are bluetooth stereo speaker systems designed for them. Rather than connecting to your laptop’s headphone jack, these speakers connect wirelessly through bluetooth. The advantage? You can pick up your laptop from your workstation without having to unplug your speakers. Believe it or not, more and more desktops are now coming equipped with bluetooth radios as well. You know what we say in the tech world… the less cables the better!

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